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lighting tips

One Source Lighting centers itself around the concept of multiple light sources, for both a residential setting as well as commercial. This involves the application of Task lighting, Ambient or General lighting and Accent lighting. Multiple light sources in a commercial space give the worker a better visual balance through the use of lighted vertical surface and the ability to adjust the lighting levels, with the use of task lighting in the work place it gives multiple light sources and flexibility in light levels. In a residential setting, it allows the space to adapt to different functions, providing different scenes for relaxation, dining, cleaning, food prep., intimacy, and office tasks.

Task Lighting- helps to perform specific tasks such as cooking, reading, hobbies, and homework. It can be provided by recessed as well as pendant lighting, portable lamps, step lights, undercabinet lighting.

Ambient lighting- is the overall illumination. It produces a comfortable level of brightness, enabling one to see and walk about safely. Typical fixtures used are chandeliers, ceiling or wall mounted fixtures, recessed or track lighting as well as lanterns mounted outside the home. Ambient lighting is a basic fundamental to any lighting project.

Accent Lighting- adds drama by creating visual interest. Create spotlight focal points to highlight paintings, plants, sculptures, and other prized possessions, texture of a wall or outdoor landscaping. There are numerous resources to accomplish whatever your imagination and pocket book can afford.