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Lighting in a business or commercial setting

Commercial spaces can present many challenges when it comes to lighting, including how to light a large space such as a lobby or a dining room, as well as finding enough fixtures for multiple applications. At One Source Lighting in Billings, we love working with business owners and property managers to help them find the appropriate lighting for every setting. Whether you own and operate a restaurant or you have a retail boutique, we can provide you with the ideal lighting options.

Lighting Styles

Style plays an important role when it comes to the lighting you choose for your commercial property. You’ll want to take into consideration how the lights look and feel with the design and architecture of the building. If the building is fairly new, you might want to go with lights that are more minimalist and modern, or if you’re updating an older structure, keep the lighting in line with styles that were popular when the property was built.

We can help you choose every fixture for your commercial space, from chandeliers and wall sconces to recessed lights and ceiling fans. Above all, we want you to feel confident that your business will look absolutely amazing once every light is installed.

Lighting Installation

As for lighting installation, the scale and scope is much bigger when it comes to commercial applications. Whether you own a hotel or run a storefront, you’re going to need multiple fixtures for your space. Our team can help you buy in bulk, looking for any savings and discounts as we go. Once you’ve chosen your lights, we can help you determine the best timetable for installing your new fixtures. If you’re building a new property, we can make sure everything is delivered on-time and intact to align with your construction schedule.

Find New Commercial Lighting Today

If you’re a business owner or property manager in Billings and you’re searching for new lighting options for your commercial space, come to One Source today. Our showroom is filled with amazing light fixture options, as well as furniture and decor that you can add to your office, restaurant, or storefront. You can view our online catalog for ideas and inspiration, and also build a Wish List that we can access in the store.

Make your business stand out with new lighting that will impress your customers and guests. Visit us online or in-person, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!